An American Embassy Member on Benghazi Controversy

I was chatting with a friend who works for an American Embassy. His thoughts were illuminating.

what did you think about how Benghazi was handled?

I don’t even know what that means. There is no expectation of any of us that the US Military is coming to our rescue. I have been places where our security officer had to explain that we were on our own if something went wrong, but I always knew that, anyway. Nothing happened in Benghazi that is out of the ordinary.

i deal with people every day that are still having hissy fits over it

I actually find that insulting. Those people died as heroes. They accepted a risk to fight the battle of ideas, a battle where the fundamental belief is that the hope for humanity is found in reasoning. Sometimes people die in that fight. That is heroic. People treat them like cowering desk jockeys. It is insulting.


Who told Donald Trump that channeling Charlie Sheen’s meltdown was the right way to run for leader of the free world?

My Life Is Calling


I just found a great new interview with my favorite musician alive, Jon Brion

He talked about how he used to flunk everything in school because he absolutely knew without a shadow of a doubt that he would grow up and be a musician.

I read the same thing about Muhammad Ali when he was in high school. His principal pretty much said that Ali did nothing in school but talk about how he was going to be the Heavyweight Champion of the World. The principal was inclined to believe him and let it go.

Man, I’m envious of that. I thought I heard my life’s calling the first time I saw a midnight showing of the Who’s movie The Kids Are Alright (precisely the moment during “Won’t Get Fooled Again” where Pete Townshend slid across the stage on his knees right into the lens of the camera). After that movie, I totally wanted to be Pete Townshend, but after years of struggling with music I had to admit that I just didn’t have the gift. The secret to life isn’t that you should do something that you love for a living. The secret is you need to love what you are good at. If you are lucky, they are both one and the same thing.

That’s why my music book’s forward is the following: For my mom, all the guys and girls who bought guitars after seeing the Beatles on the Ed Sullivan show and didn’t have an ounce of musical talent between them, and Buck Naked, who after all was just out walking his dog.

Looking for someone who loves long walks on the beach


I’m a Democrat and I have to agree with what the right said about legal gay marriage. I just discovered that I want to marry a cocker spaniel. I am literally the slippery slope! And don’t try telling me you and a dog don’t have consent. They obviously haven’t ever had a dog. They will consent to anything for even the smallest piece of meat. I swear to God a year ago this would have seemed sickening to me, but after that court decision I may have to sue so me and my true love (insert dog’s name) can also have the sanctity of marriage to keep us together. They were right. A year ago I never thought about these things but it turns out that even though I am still heterosexual for women when it comes to dogs I’m totally gay. Who knew? Watch that slope slipping people!

The Passion of Matthew Dellavedova


If I were more web savvy, this post would be in Comic Sans font in tribute to Dan Gilbert.

Nothing is ever easy in Cleveland and for some reason no one that currently resides there particularly wants it to be.

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