Whiplash: JK Simmons’ second most appealing Nazi

“I don’t sound like nobody” Elvis Presley 1953

The genius of Elvis Presley and Sam Phillips was that they both insisted that the mistakes stay in as long as the feeling was right. That is something the kids and the teacher portrayed in this movie will never understand.

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Wow Obama Just Like Bill Hicks envisioned it over 20 years ago

Obama CIA article

American Sniper


I like to pat myself on the back, because I was really of the belief that Clint Eastwood was a great artist way before everyone else realized it. It didn’t appear to be common knowledge until after Unforgiven, his amazing meditation on violence and the toil it takes on a manly killer that won Eastwood a Best Director Oscar. Eastwood’s entire career has been obsessed with notions of violence, justice, heroism and manhood. In so doing he has been an astute commentator on our love of violent movie justice, which historically Americans just can’t get enough of.

Eastwood started out in the Western genre and then moved on to crime thriller, and in both there is this need not to want teamwork. Americans for some reason like nothing more than sharing the supposed cowboy ethic of Die Hard’s John McClain, one man taking down an opposing army all by himself. A decade’s worth of soldiers died in Vietnam, but seemingly Americans are so egotistical they love nothing more than to see that John Rambo could have won that war all by himself. The absurdly entertaining Rambo II made the country feel way better about the disastrous Vietnam War.
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Send Your Ideas in Quick

America could really use an Ice Bucket challenge type gimmick to increase education funding to the inner cities. If you are lucky enough not to live in a bad area then you shouldn’t be so against helping change the ones that you think are.

Too bad that Robin Thicke didn’t plagiarize Marvin Gaye’s empathetic sense of social vision.

Why I can’t watch the NFL anymore


Jim Brown editorial 2002

I actually believe that over the course of his life that Jim Brown has been a legendary figure and mostly for good, but he’s always seemed to have domestic abuse problems and trouble with women, and it’s mostly been overlooked by the NFL and the world.

The above article is over ten years old and yet it seems like some people are shocked by the league’s current problems with this issue. Here’s a recent quote from ESPN:

“Former Chicago Bears general manager Jerry Angelo said NFL teams didn’t discipline players in “hundreds and hundreds” of domestic violence incidents during his 30-year career, USA Today reported Thursday.”

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