Straight Outta Compton?

I honestly have no idea whether this is the perfect environment for the NWA movie Straight outta Compton or the worst imaginable one. The world almost burned the first time and people seem to be split over these issues even more vociferously and angrily. Wait until people remember that there was a rap song called “F the Police.”

Eddie Murphy to play Richard Pryor’s Father


So Eddie Murphy is going to play Richard Pryor’s father in Lee Daniel’s movie about Richard Pryor – if this movie isn’t Rated R and perhaps NC17 it’s a sacrilege to everything Richard Pryor was about. Is Oprah really powerful enough somehow to make a PG13 movie about him? It’s impossible, right? Just the N word alone gets it an R and that has to be said about 100 times.

Top Five


Mitch Hedberg: When you’re in Hollywood and you’re a comedian, everybody wants you to do things besides comedy. They say, ‘OK, you’re a stand-up comedian — can you act? Can you write? Write us a script?’… It’s as though if I were a cook and I worked my ass off to become a good cook, they said, ‘All right, you’re a cook — can you farm?’

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2015 NBA Executive of the Year


Spencer v the tobacco industry

Does he want me to quit or does he just think it’s fun trying to knock it out of my mouth?