2009 WSOP: Moon sucks Ivey dry

The whole poker world is now crying.

Didn’t Darvin Moon hear Norman Chad say fold AQ like 1000 times?

Short stacked Phil Ivey got his last 6 million in good against Moon with AK, but of course a Queen came on the flop.

In the two big hands that Ivey played he lost a coin flip and then lost as a 75% favorite.

From here on in it will be like a Golf tournament minus Tiger.

Again, where is David Stern when you need him to fix this thing and provide some excitement.

With Ivey gone Andy Bloch can finally go to sleep knowing that he won’t have to pay off the 2 million that Phil would have taken from him had he won.

It’s strange how the World Series has gone from being an underdog story to seeing everyone disappointed when the final big name pro is vanquished.

Funny postscript on Ivey from Poker News

“Ivey is off to collect less money than he loses in a single throw of the craps dice.”

Phil Ivey Eliminated in 7th Place ($1,404,014)

Here’s how Poker News described the atmosphere behind what may be the saddest suck out of all time

“Ivey seems totally unmoved by everything going on. He’s chewing on an apple as the theater absolutely erupts into chants of “Ivey! Ivey! Ivey!”. Seriously. It’s 1,200 people chanting for Ivey right now. If Moon has any supporters, we can’t find them.”

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