21: Vegas never really loses


I was just extremely entertained to notice that Las Vegas is actually helping to promote the new movie 21, which dramatizes the MIT Card Counting Team’s time in their Casinos. It’s like they are saying, “Go ahead and try to cheat. Either you’ll be bad at it or we’ll bust your kneecaps. Either way, we know you’re so in love with gambling that any publicity is good publicity.”

One Response to “21: Vegas never really loses”

  1. Went to Vegas. St. Patrick’s Day. Oh, the horror…. Packs of young girls in little green tee shirts, “Wanna Get Lucky”
    A midget dressed as a leprechaun in O’Shea’s casino… pouring Cabo shots down the gullets of guys stretching out like young birdies…. Two in the afternoon.
    Another planet. Viva Las Vegas!

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