Aimee Please Plug Back In

This was the first time I really realized that I was in love with Aimee Mann. This video played maybe once on MTV and I was lucky enough to catch it and it’s clever dot dot dot ellipse. Whatever is the most criminally mispromoted album of all time, and after my heart was shattered I probably listened to it like 7000 times.

She’s still fantastic but it’s gotten so somber and quiet. I miss the punk girl, Aimee please plug in and rock once more – I need you.

One Response to “Aimee Please Plug Back In”

  1. So what you really wish is that Aimee would get back together with Jon Brion on the east coast (after having Jules Shear break her heart in 50 pieces). She may have wrote the song (which is brilliant) and sang it (through a Dixie cup on the fadeout no less) but the closest she got to plugging in was holding that old Danelectro in the video compadre. The musical “band” landscape is all Jon Brion. Some would say “too much” Jon Brion. Gloriously overproduced tune. Great video dusty there, thanks for sharing it–I’d never seen it before actually.

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