America’s Next Great Banned


I’ve tried to mellow my hate with age when it comes to art and how people interpret it, but hell now that there’s a writers strike and almost every single music performance seems to have to be accompanied by three judges let’s put it to use.

Take all those horrid warhorse bands that have 1/2 of their original lineups and give them one last shot at glory. Take REO Speedwagon, Styx, Journey, Genesis, Chicago, Rush. etc in whatever amalgamation that they are currently playing Vegas and give them their own show. The winners get enough money to retire and each week the band that is voted off has to promise to never play their banal crappy music in public again!

2 Responses to “America’s Next Great Banned”

  1. Brad,

    I GUARANTEE you there is already a “Battle of the Classic Bands” show in development. If not, someone will read this and put one into development. Have you seen the ads for “Celebrity Rehab” yet?

  2. Blue Oyster Cult will smoke everybody.

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