An American Embassy Member on Benghazi Controversy

I was chatting with a friend who works for an American Embassy. His thoughts were illuminating.

what did you think about how Benghazi was handled?

I don’t even know what that means. There is no expectation of any of us that the US Military is coming to our rescue. I have been places where our security officer had to explain that we were on our own if something went wrong, but I always knew that, anyway. Nothing happened in Benghazi that is out of the ordinary.

i deal with people every day that are still having hissy fits over it

I actually find that insulting. Those people died as heroes. They accepted a risk to fight the battle of ideas, a battle where the fundamental belief is that the hope for humanity is found in reasoning. Sometimes people die in that fight. That is heroic. People treat them like cowering desk jockeys. It is insulting.

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