Another completely worthless study


Please take the following take with a bit of humor, because it’s a sensitive subject.

I’m always amazed at academics and their studies. It seems like almost all of these studies are paid for by some government or other institution and that the people that do the studies are always filing grant proposals. In my experience, they don’t really have some vital thing that they are dying to study. Instead, they are always trying to think up something to study to get some money so they can continue to get paid.

Here’s a completely absurd study that was just reported from the University of Haifa in Israel.

Apparently, surviving the Holocaust is bad for your health.

I swear I’m not unsympathetic, but did this really need to be studied?

1. It’s not worse for your health than not surviving the Holocaust

2. I could have told you off the top of my head that living in a concentration camp was bad for your health

3. Assuming that you were 1 at the end of the war, you would now be 65 years old. Is it really vital to know at 65 or older that your time in a concentration camp makes you more susceptible to cancer?

I just don’t get what this new information does for society. I’m sure that if you survived that nightmare that you have enough baggage without suddenly being informed that you now have to worry about getting cancer.

Thank you University of Haifa for letting Hitler know that he kept on killing Jews even after the war. I’m sure he’s that much happier down there in hell with Joseph Stalin and Pol Pot and isn’t that what really counts?

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