Baby Cockfighting Epidemic!

Am I sick because when I heard about this video I was disappointed that the production values weren’t higher? Where was the ring? Why weren’t the babies decked out in spikes and leather?

On a more serious tip, notice that YouTube did the responsible thing and took down the video, whereas Good Morning America showed it on national television. It’s apparently ok to watch this sickness if you have a licensed professional there to tell the audience that it’s not something mentally stable parents should participate in. Of course, the Good Morning America clip was then posted on YouTube, which means that it’s once again there for the masses to see.

Posting sick stuff on YouTube bad. Televising the same clip and showing your outrage – responsible journalism.

One Response to “Baby Cockfighting Epidemic!”

  1. I’m just pissed because I had 20 bucks on the kid with the green shirt…

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