Bill Murray – Orneriest Man Alive


I just read “I’m Chevy Chase … and you’re not” by Rena Fruchter. You can tell that it’s an authorized biography because it appears to have been written by Chevy’s adoring teenage daughter. Every bad movie, the drug problems, the DUI are discussed and somehow justified because well, he’s a really nice guy, who was abused as a child.

The best part of the book, however is in the Prelude, where Fruchter tries to interview the notoriously private Bill Murray.

“Hello, Mr. Murray. I’m Rena Fruchter. I’m writing the authorized biography of Chevy Chase and I’d like to speak with you.”

“What a stupid thing to do!” he yelled. “Why on earth would you want to write a biography of Chevy?”

“Well, he’s got an interesting story to tell. A great career. A difficult childhood –”

“Stop right there,” Bill said. “That’s still the dumbest thing I’ve ever heard. He should write it himself.”

“Well, actually, he doesn’t really want to write it himself. He’s cooperating. I ask him a lot of provocative questions. Look will you talk to me or not?”

“I’m a very busy person. I don’t know much about Chevy.”

“You’ve worked with him.”

“Who told you that?”

“If you don’t want to speak with me, that’s okay. I just assumed you would enjoy talking about Chevy.”

“Now you’re manipulating me,” he snapped. “Fuck you!” he added and slammed down the receiver.

 God, I love that guy.

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