Brittany Murphy supposedly died of natural causes


Oddly, almost none of the obits I read mentioned Brittany Murphy in Sin City, which is odd since it was one of the best movies of the last decade.

But even odder to me is that I just read that they announced that she died of natural causes. Can you really die of natural causes at the age of 32? I don’t even really understand what dying of natural causes means. People like to think that they have achieved something if they die of natural causes. As if they just got too damn old. Does natural causes just mean stuff that they haven’t figured out how to diagnose yet. Does Brittany Murphy dying of natural causes mean that she was living a healthy wonderful life and then pow – she just ran out of steam. Does it mean that she isn’t to blame for dying so young? Will she still have died of natural causes in 6 months after TMZ reporters have slept in her ex-husband’s yard until the awful truth is revealed?

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