Carrie Prejean has been Palinized

If we have to have one – I think that we should make Carrie Prejean the new Ann Coulter – basically because she has a masturbation video. There are actually probably Ann Coulter masturbation videos out there, but I don’t think that I really want to see them. I have the feeling that Ann gets down in like a leather Nazi Gestapo outfit and I don’t think that would do it for me.

I’m very excited that Carrie has been Palinized – I picture getting Palinized as like a nude sword ritual with all the hot Palinized Soccer Moms on their knees being dubbed Jr. Palins by Sarah and then sending video of the whole thing to David Letterman just to make him crazy.

That’s not misogynist is it?

(I saw this true story TV movie called Bitter Blood where Harry Hamlin and Kelly McGillis were cousins who got married with a naked sword ritual and I’ve been obsessed with the concept every since. Beware before you watch – at the end Harry, Kelly and all the innocent kids are detonated by a bomb in Harry’s truck.)

The Republicans are genius. First they need to replace Thurgood Marshall and manage to find the one Republican Judge in America who is African-American and likes tacky porn. Then they battle Nancy Pelosi and Hilary Clinton with hot brain dead chicks.

“Larry, you are being very inappropriate.” That has to be the first time those words have been uttered by someone with a masturbation video!

Palin-Prejean in 2012!

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