Celebrity Disease


The guy is so nice it’s almost like killing Bambi after killing his mother first right in front of him, but I just don’t get how even diseases are dominated by celebrity these days. I gave to breast cancer because I love Sex and the City. Want to give to autism? No, I’ve never been much of a Doug Flutie fan.

When Michael J Fox was diagnosed. The whole world mourned except Parkinson’s charities. It was like they had won the lottery or something.

Here’s what happens when a celebrity, or well just about anyone who gets a disease or is closely related to someone who does. They suddenly realize what a huge problem this disease is, and how we’re totally not doing enough to cure it. Pretty soon, they are testifying before Congress because Congressmen love getting autographs. Six months and apparently Michael J Fox was suddenly the foremost expert in Parkinson’s disease.

I get it. It sucks to get Parkinson’s but don’t we all pretty much die of something? Should we really be doling out our efforts to cure diseases based on the most famous person to have that disease. I applaud the advertising masterstroke that was renaming ALS, Lou Gehrig’s disease.

No one’s sending any money out to cure Amyotrophic lateral sclerosis.

Look at AIDS donations.


Here’s a disease that’s wiping out the planet, making us use condoms, which in my opinion was the worse of the two, and no one cared until some people straight people liked starting disappearing from it like Rock Hudson and Arthur Ashe.

More people die of Cancer, so they have the greater likelihood of nabbing a big name, but every once in a while the ping pong balls land funny and Parkinson’s research funds triple. I’m guessing those people had a hangover the next morning that lasted for weeks

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