Happy Charlie Sheen Day!

Dude isn’t like Valerie Harper. No Charlie = no dollars – he’s right he is winning.

Basically he’s the key to all the money and as they said in All the President’s Men – “Follow the money!”

They aren’t going to pull a Darrin from Bewitched and have Billy Bob Thornton come in and save that show. Charlie Sheen’s life is entertaining – that’s why Two and a Half men is so funny. Can you imagine how entertaining it could be without network censors and best discretion.

He can’t lose – well he can’t lose until he strokes out and makes Kirk Douglas sound coherent. But look at how he’s left all the previous Rock Star’s in his wake. Charlie Sheen is getting close to two times the 27 years that Jimi, Jim, Janis, Kurt took to wear out their mind and bodies.

My theory has always been that Keith Richards is alive because although he took every drug that was ever offered to him, he seemed to know how to handle them. He’d snooze in the corner and cause no damage to anybody else. Maybe Charlie Sheen will prove that it’s only the incompetent drug users that we see kick off before they’re 30.

Can you imagine how entertaining John Belushi would have been if he’d made it another 15 years or so and was willing to say whatever came to his mind that day?

Today was Charlie Sheen day. He was all over the place saying hilarious delusional shit all day long. It’s actually even better than a good episode of Two and a Half Men.

Hell, if Charlie does kick off – we’ve got Weekend at Bernie’s III

* All of this is said in favor of the Charlie lifestyle that isn’t brutalizing women.

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