Chloe saves the entire 24 season!


This exchange suddenly made like 3 years of nonsense on 24 worthwhile to me.
Larry Miller FBI: What’s the matter is there something wrong?
Chloe moonlighting house mother:  I’m feeling a little exposed here. If someone is out there working for Dubaku, shouldn’t we be doing this more covertly?
L: As far as anyone knows you’re working on shoring up our firewall, besides this is the only space available where you’ll have full access to our server.
C: That’s inefficient! Whoever set your network up didn’t know what they were doing.
L: I set up our network that way.
C: Oh …(wrinkles her nose and after a long pause) … something else?
L: You worked with Bauer for a long time didn’t you?
C: 7 Years off and on.
L: That’s impressive … that you survived the experience.
C: What are you talking about?
L: Only that a lot of people didn’t. Curtis Manning; Ryan Chappelle; his own wife!
C: Are you saying it’s Jack’s fault that his wife was killed?
L: You tell me?
C: Jack Bauer is the most trustworthy, honest man I know, and he’s my friend. Maybe you should worry less about him and more about the mole in your office working for Dubaku!
Larry then wets himself.

Jesus, by now Jack has saved more lives than died in the entire history of Russian Pograms and all anyone can think of is a few scattered secondary characters. You’d think they’d have more gratitude!

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