Chris Rock: Kill the Messanger is unwatchable


God, I hate to say this because I think Chris Rock is as good of a stand up comedian as there is today. His new special is unwatchable, and that has nothing to do with the material.

The HBO special is the amalgamation of three performances – one each in New York, London, and South Africa.

Apparently, Rock or who knows who, wanted to show that he got similar reactions in all three places, which is I suppose fine.

What isn’t fine is that Rock is wearing three wildly different outfits at each and that the special moves from one concert to the other every ten seconds.

Look, if you want me to know that the reception to Rock was the same throughout the world as it was in New York, I’ll take your word for it. I can’t watch an hour and a half of a comedian, where his outfit changes every ten seconds.¬†One suit per joke not three.

Again the jokes are fine, but they could be the funniest jokes in the history of man and the editing would still make you want to gouge your eyes out.

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  1. so, you’re killing the messenger?

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