I love web sites chock full of worthless trivia. Cinemorgue is just such a site.

It purports to list every movie actor that has died onscreen and if not it seems much closer to it than would be considered sane for anyone to compile.  I looked at a few names to see who had the most movie deaths and the best I could do was Robert De Niro with 14, which was more than John Wayne, who was my best guess. Surprisingly, Clint Eastwood has only died twice onscreen and neither of them involved firearms (guess that’s how it is when you are the fastest bad ass in the West). The front page has a quote from Monty Python and the Holy Grail that I’ve always liked “Let’s not argue and quibble about ‘oo killed ‘oo. This is supposed to be a happy occasion!”

Another site I like is the Rocklopodia Fakebandica, which lists all the fake bands and musicians that have been in movies and television like Spinal Tap or the Mosquitos from Gilligan’s Island. It lists the Monkees, but they were sort of a real band and a fake band at the same time.

I wrote in Jim Lindsey, the Rockabilly guitarist from the Andy Griffith show, but the site somehow soon added him and gave someone else credit. Lindsey was played by James Best, who also played Roscoe P Coltrane on the Dukes of Hazzard. I sent him an email saying how much I liked him as Jim Lindsey, but he didn’t respond. Dude has 177 imdb credits, maybe he didn’t feel like answering fan mail about two television guest spots he did over 35 years ago.

Hey, Jim Lindsey – I’m your fan (as Steve Zahn says in That Thing You Do “Oh, so you’re our fan” as if the girl was the only one on earth.) Still the guy who played Rocoe P Coltrane really gets so much fan e mail that he can’t respond?

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