Class, Today’s Felon Speaker Is


They’ve been making this guy on the Browns Leigh Bodden speak to school children as community service.

Here’s what he did to violate the law:

The 26-year-old Bodden was picking up his girlfriend and their two children Sept. 5 at Cleveland Hopkins International Airport, the city’s main airport. Police say he drove in reverse down a one-way street, became verbally abusive and began to resist officers trying to place handcuffs on him.

I just don’t get it. I understand making celebs pick up garbage, but talking to school kids especially when they don’t believe the crap that they are saying.

Basically, the real message is the Government can make you dance like a marionette any time they want. Which, now that I think about it is a pretty valuable lesson. It’s why rappers always wear suits to trial.

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