Colin Farrell: I Just Don’t Get It


As a avid watcher of pop culture I try to research and form opinions on all the latest trends, but here’s one that has left me completely flabbergasted. Colin Farrell. Why is this dude a star? Why do big time directors like Michael Mann and Oliver Stone continue to cast him?

Hot off an absurd appearance as Alexander the great, he literally put me to sleep in Miami Vice and is apparently at the center of a really lousy new movie by Woody Allen. Al Pacino supposedly called him the best actor of his generation, but to anyone who has seen Al’s last 10 well over the top movies roles, he really doesn’t have a clue anymore.

I’ve watched about three minutes of Alexander the Great, and it’s just not possible for me to watch any more. Paul Reubens in his Pee Wee Herman get up would be more credible. Alexander conquered the world. Russell Crowe, as Maximus, would need to fight twenty other guys at the same time to make it a fair comparison . So what’s the deal? Does he have incriminating pictures of every top Hollywood executive in a locked box somewhere? There has to be a reason, but I’m just not seeing it.

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