Craig Wilson: Putting the Z in Zzzz


I’ve always wanted to have a newspaper column so the following is likely tainted by my own jealousy. I hate Craig Wilson.

Craig Wilson writes a regular column for USA Today’s Life section, and he’s basically the equivalent of a hotel painting, bland, gutless and designed not to offend. The next thing Craig Wilson writes that is remotely controversial, something that anyone on the face of the earth could possibly disagree with will be the first. Essentially, he’s a huge waste of space.

Today’s masterwork by Craig compared Barack Obama’s “uncomfortable” promises for change to a five year old friend of his starting her first day of 1st Grade.

Dude, you’re a grown man. Grown men don’t have five year old friends. They have daughters, nieces, daughters of friends, girls they coach – whatever you want to call it but they don’t have five year old friends.

Someone lock this dude up before he bores again.

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