Creflo Dollar $ay$: Thanks for the Rolls Royce!


Creflo Dollar is the latest in the line of these preachers who preach that God will reward them monetarily here on earth and stop making them waste their time waiting for an afterlife. He’s one of the audaciously wealthy preachers being investigated by Iowa Congressman Chuck Grassley, but doesn’t want to turn over his financial records based on principal.

As for his Rolls, Dollar says that his congregation got together, all 280,000 of them and chipped in ten bucks a piece so he could save souls in style.

Supposedly, Lenny Bruce once said something to the effect of “Never trust a preacher who owns more than one suit.”

Sadly, this Bruce quote seems to becoming less and less true.

Every day, people are straying away from the church and going back to God. —Lenny Bruce

Can all you homeless people get out of the way so Creflo Dollar can land his private jet?

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