Damn, it may be Kick Brad Laidman’s ass day


Drexl Spivey: He must have thought it was white boy day. It ain’t white boy day, is it?
Marty: No man, It ain’t white boy day.

Despite having lived in California for over 15 years, I just had my first encounter with a crazed homeless person.

She was about 300 pounds and wearing what appeared to be a huge grey sweat shirt. I got too close to her pulling out of the Donut shop, that I foolishly decided to try out. By too close I mean about 20 feet away.

She hurled herself at my car and unleashed a torrent of “Motherfuckers” that would have made Richard Pryor proud.

She continued to bash at my windows screaming “Get out! Get out!”

Hell, message recieved I’m doing my best to shift into reverse.

This can’t be a profitable pan handling technique. I’m scared. I’m willing to give her the contents of my wallet, but I’m either going to finally get out of this parking lot or die trying.

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