Damn that seemed like a Weeds series finale!


I love the show Weeds and I would miss it if it had ended, but wow the last show of Season 3   sure seemed like it was filmed as a series finale.

I sort of wish that shows were filmed with an endpoint in mind, but shows stay on if there is demand to see them and therefore you have the Jumped the Shark website.

It really appears that the makers of Weeds thought that things were over, but it was renewed and god knows what silliness will follow.

Here are all the – the series is over clues.

1. The “little boxes” theme, which for the past season or two has been covered by a different artist returns in its original form and returns at the end of the show sung by a very serious sounding Pete Seeger and after all what better says the party is over quite like Pete Seeger.

2. Celia rats out Nancy ( the impossibly hot Mary Louis Parker) to the DEA

3. Nancy effectively breaks up with Conrad and their business relationship also seems to die

4. Heylia once again disassociates herself with Nancy

5. Aggrestic the suburb that the show satirizes, having already been eaten up by another suburb, Majestic, burns down after Nancy’s new hispanic protection lays waste to an aggressive biker groups illegal crop

6. Silas blows off Mary Kate Olson’s character after her Christian insanity becomes too much

7. Mathew Modine’s character skips town

8. Nancy burns down her own house (the keeping of which was essentially her reason for becoming a drug dealer in the first place) and says “Sorry, Judah, I tried” to her dead husband as she carries out the arson.

Next season? Is there a show left to have a next season? At this point, I wouldn’t be surprised if Mary Louise Parker returns next year as a singing flying nun!

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