David Letterman Apologizes


Gee, I wonder what my take on this will be.

David Letterman: I’m too old for this shit, write me an apology

Please return to my mantra “Try to only be offended when the person who said something meant to offend you.”

I’m sure David Letterman just didn’t want to deal with Sarah Palin and her nut job followers, but apologizing gives credence to her idiotic attempt to hijack a silly joke for air time, political gravy,¬†and inane outrage.

Most offensive to me was Dave’s statement that somehow the intent of a joke doesn’t matter, but that rather it’s how the joke is perceived by the listeners that matters.

1. This is stupid – am I too believe that the dumber the audience the more offensive the comedian?

2. Anyone who really thought he was suggesting raping a 14 year old is retarded

3. I’m actually more offended by the notion of Letterman apologizing than I am by people joking about the insensitive rape of a 14 year old by a steroid enhanced Casanova

That’s my take and I’m not apologizing for it no matter how many neanderthal, brain dead mothers start picketing outside my bedroom.

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