David Letterman makes John McCain miss prison camp


John McCain got brutalized by David Letterman last night in a rout that was so brutal that Dan Rather found it to be uncomfortable. Hopefully this will bring to an end the puff political appearances on comedy programs that we’ve been inundated with ever since Bill Clinton brought his sax and shades to the Arsenio Hall show, but frankly I doubt it.

Poor John McCain could do nothing but sit there and beg for mercy.

What was McCain’s crime? The Economy? His Charles Keating connection? His dunderheaded running mate? No, McCain’s sin was messing with David Letterman’s show by canceling an appearance in order to supposedly save the economy. Sadly, for McCain, he was caught sticking around long enough to film an interview with Katie Couric. Barack Obama could actually be an arab terrorist, but at least he’s smart enough not to mess with Dave’s show.

God I felt sorry for McCain. Desperate doesn’t even come close to defining how uncomfortable that poor bastard looked being┬ásavaged by America’s number two talk show host. What could possibly be sadder than having to go to your grave saying, “I could have changed the world as President of the United States, but me and my VP candidate were grilled to mush by David Letterman and Katie Couric.”

All those political masterminds McCain hired and not one wise enough to tell him to stick to Jay Leno, the kiss ass with the higher ratings. For that reason alone, he’s not smart enough to be President.

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