Daylight Savings Time – Ugh


The day the clocks move forward is the worse day of the year, but at least after 6 months the clock in my room will be correct again.

One Response to “Daylight Savings Time – Ugh”

  1. I just set one of my clocks forward instead of back this fall – by accident, of course. It was the clock in the living room – where I fell asleep on the couch for what I thought was a couple of hours, and was only a couple of minutes. I even went to bed really early – still unaware of the correct time.

    When I woke up after thinking I was sleeping for a couple of hours, I looked at my cell phone – and saw that only a few minutes had passed since the time I thought that I went to bed. I totally thought that my sleep perception was distorted and maybe I didn’t sleep for that long.

    The next morning I got up earlier than my alarm – (having a couple of hours more sleep.) I decided to spend some stress free time leisurely cooking something elaborate for breakfast. Egg and cheese on grilled sourdough with avocado and alfalfa sprouts. Mmm.

    I went into the living room to watch tv and eat it. I took my time eating and even closed my eyes for a minute or two after I finished – it was really filling. Then, I looked at the clock and freaked – I was supposed to be at the studio at 7 – and it was an hour drive away. It was already too late to get there on time. I raced into my bedroom and hurriedly got myself dressed. I checked the email for the address and directions – and noticed the time on my computer. Phew. I wish I could really have a stress free day just once.

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