Dial Idol isn’t news?


I find this pretty amazing. The Dial Idol web site has been incredibly accurate over the last few years. I even made myself a few hundred bucks a couple years ago by using it to bet on Tradesports.com. I guess it’s arguable whether or not the site ruins the show for fans by destroying the surprise, but I find the following shocking.

There are right now over 1500 news stories that talk about how the show’s judges all but got on their knees and threatened to shoot little starving African children if David Archuleta doesn’t win, and yet not one news agency mentions that Cook has a huge lead over Archuleta on Dial Idol.

Since we all know America cares much more about Idol than it does the Presidential Election, isn’t this similar to every major TV station ignoring the fact that every single exit poll has declared a clear winner.

Wolf Blitzer: I wonder who has won? If only we had a way to predict the winner before all the ballots were counted based on statistical theory.

How is Cook’s huge lead not newsworthy? If you read the news you would have to conclude Cook hasn’t a chance yet the smart money on Tradesports still lists Cook as over a 2-1 favorite. What’s even better – if Archuleta does win – I think there’s pretty clear evidence that the show is fixed. Bring on the contraversy!

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