Did Larry David Marry Vivica Fox?


Did Larry David really marry Vivica Fox on the season finale of Curb Your Enthusiasm or was it a dream sequence? Anything to keep Leon on and how could you not love seeing Susie finally get verbally bitch slapped.

3 Responses to “Did Larry David Marry Vivica Fox?”

  1. I’m willing to accept that he’s shacking up with her and that it wasn’t a dream sequence, however the real question is whether or not he really had a gerbil up his ass?

  2. What a great season finale huh. Two important questions hung in the air like that.

    I hope he’s with Vivica. I can’t help but want things to go well for Larry, as 90% of the show is just people crapping on him.

    The gerbil was missing, after all.

  3. is there going to be another season?

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