Dogging on Michael Vick


Sam Jackson in Pulp Fiction: A dog’s got personality. Personality goes a long way.

That’s how I’m going to explain the insanity over Michael Vick when compared to the minor controversy over boxer Roy Jones, who really digs cock fighting.

The Vick thing is pretty sick. It’s not a murder, I guess, but if you think about it people usually at least kill other people with a degree of passion. They usually have a reason. Vick killed a bunch of dogs passionlessly as a hobby.

A week ago, my cat almost died and I took him to the emergency vet. I saw a father telling his 10 year old or so kid, that his dog was really old and really sick, and they apparently put him down because about fifteen minutes later the kid was crying pretty seriously. It was pretty devastating.

Well, my cat just went into convulsions, which was much worse than the previous week and I was the one in there crying. So I understand the heinousness of the crime.

Hopefully, it’s a means to an education. You only learn by screwing up and hopefully Michael Vick screwed up so a whole lot of others don’t have to.

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