Don’t Free Roman Polanski


LOS ANGELES, California (CNN) — Attorneys for Oscar-winning film director Roman Polanski are asking a California court to dismiss a 30-year-old sex offense case against him, claiming prosecutorial and judicial misconduct. Polanski’s defense team offers what it calls “extraordinary new evidence” of “repeated, unlawful, and unethical misconduct” by the Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office and the judge in Polanski’s case based on details that surfaced this year in an HBO documentary.

Hmm, let’s see dude drugged and raped a 13 year old and then fled the country to escape jail time, and now he wants to skate on a technicality. Nice.

How about this. Roman comes back to the United States and takes his chances. If the court agrees with him, he gets to go back to France. If not, he shares a cell with OJ (nah, I’m not even cruel enough to suggest having him shack up with Charles Manson).

I’m guessing that Roman will stay in France where they have a more “mature” view of his taste for very young women.

2 Responses to “Don’t Free Roman Polanski”

  1. You should see the documentary. There is a VERY GOOD REASON he fled the States. What that judge did was insane.

    Polanski was willing to do time, but the judge was whacked.

  2. I’ve yet to see anyone comment on the 13-year old’s mother who basically pimped her daughter out to Polanski for a “photo session,” completely unsupervised, accompanied by none other than Jack Nicholson and Angelica Huston to “assist.” And they were perfectly aware of what was happening; wouldn’t be surprised if they watched and maybe even joined in. Why don’t they look up the girl whose life was screwed up for many, many years as a result of this encounter…she was a girl who was given pills and alcohol and as a result became I’m sure a very cooperative partner for this pervert…sorry Roman, nobody’s buying your claims, it’s too bad you long for the Country you ran from, but nobody’s been missing you too much. You pathetic bastard.

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