Entertainment Weekly: Call Me


I’ve read every single issue of that rag. It would be the perfect job for me, but I have no idea how to even apply for a job with them. As for this cover, I was about three months ahead of them

Feb. 4 – I’m Calling My Shot Adam Lambert Wins American Idol 8

April 14 Game Over: Adam Lambert Masters American Idol

May 6 Adam Lambert: Balls of Steel

So call me Entertainment Weekly because, frankly, I’m broke

BTW – rumors that this web site will soon be called Brad Laidman is hopelessly in love with Adam Lambert are grossly exaggerated. Well, let’s just say that they aren’t true.

One Response to “Entertainment Weekly: Call Me”

  1. Brad – do you think you’re special?
    We all are sitting at home hiding our Adam obsession from our friends (who would think we were totally insane if they knew how Adam had hooked us.)
    I mean – I’m desperate enough that I’m googling Adam and going past the 1st 3 pages of results to read what’s there – and here you are! I hope you get your call from Entertainment Weekly or US – because I’ve enjoyed reading your article – balls of steel – more than most of the entertainment sites. You’re speaking my language.

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