Feel the wrath of Eric Carmen and Wally er the guitar player named Wally

If You Change Your Mind – The Raspberries

This is the song you’ll find being played over and over again by your really dangerous stalkers. If someone gifts you a copy of this song, I would recommend strongly that you change your name and leave the country. It’s just not safe around this much feeling.

Eric Carmen starts out quiet like all please don’t destroy my will to live talks do. He rationally explains how he knows that it’s over despite the fact that he’s spent every single moral ounce of energy doing everything he could to be the man she dreamed about in the quieter corners of her mind. Of course, despite his overwhelming need to be near her, he’ll selflessly leave her be out of the pure selflessness of his love. Oh yeah, in the mean time he will be waiting for her to come to her senses every second of every slow turning agonizing day. Pretty soon Carmen’s in agony filled orgiastic screaming cries of BABBBBY DOOONNNNN’T GOOOOOOOOOs!!!!!!. It’s not a pretty sight.

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