Finally saw Taken


1. The speech from the trailer is still by far the best part of the movie, although seeing that Liam’s daughter now has a mega rich step father who dotes on her, the part where he says I don’t have any money for a reward seems a little stupid.

2. I was going to posit that Taken 2 should have Osama Bin Laden kidnap his daughter and the whole mess would be solved in another 96 hours, but even Roger Ebert beat me to that joke.

3. I don’t think I even want to know how the kidnappers figured out that Liam’s daughter was a virgin and her best friend wasn’t.

4. Of course, the next movie that shows a current or ex CIA agent who is unwilling or unready to torture someone will be the first.

5. After seeing this and Bourne, I have to wonder why our movie CIA agents are so much better at kicking ass than our real CIA agents

6. Matt Damon as BourneĀ – awesome / Matt Damon in that DeNiro CIA movie zzzzzzzzz!

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