Forget Osama Execute the Spammers


Can the government please stop hassling me at airports and make my computer’s email folder safe from these super motivated spammers? Actually, I should thank God that the spammers only seem to care about money, because if they used their powers for true evil we’d all be slaves in a post apocalyptic world full of nuclear fallout.

I’ve once again found myself with a spammer who comes up with endless ways to email me from an infinite number of slightly different email accounts. Would it be that hard for Bill Gates to figure out how to make an option that lets the world know that I don’t need Viagra, Valium, or pills to make my Johnson larger? Shouldn’t there be a setting that lets the world know that I don’t want to help anyone get out of Nigeria and I’m perfectly able to find my own porn?

Stop both the drug war and the war on terror and concentrate on the real evil in the world. I don’t care if people are OD’ing on heroin outside my front door. I don’t care if we lose two or three skyscrapers a week to motivated Muslims with enough gumption to take themselves out for Allah. Stop the solicitations! Actually though, if I was sure that the Valium was of high quality …

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  1. Sign of the times: Streetwise: The Movie

    Walking the the CBOT today I ran across my favorite panhandler / vendor that solicits donations for a newspaper called Streetwise – a publication that supports care and awareness for the homeless, was holding a copies of a DVD for sale. It got me thinking of an add campaign:

    “Bring the suffering and indignity of being homeless on the streets of Chicago into your living room. All the excitement of dementia, shakedowns, scams and violence are yours to enjoy from the comfort of your home. Perfect last minute gift for your hedge fund neighbor that just dropped a dime on Sub-prime and is now unemployed. Also available as a motivational series for those about to enter the workforce. Available at street corners everywhere.


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