Found – Tony “Crash” Martin


Help me find Tony “Crash” Martin my Cleveland guitar hero

With a little help from Dino I made my way to Joe’s music in Willoughby and found my old guitar teacher inspiring yet another generation of long haired disaffected youth.

Tony’s apparently finally had it with cover bands and is going to finally put what he referred to as 15 years of material on tape.

Above is a picture of Tony playing with the imploded cover band Gotham.

Three comments

1. Tony used to have hair that would have put the entire band Poison to shame – now he kind of looks like a Jazz acolyte who tells the other players to turn down their amps 🙂

2. The guy used to rip through scales at light speed and now he’s playing that most tasteful of all instruments – a Fender Telecaster

3. There seem to be solo pictures of everybody on Gotham’s web site except Tony. This had better be because Crash was too reticent to pose, because otherwise I’m going to have a talk with the other guys that used to be in that band.


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  1. I’ve heard some good things about this blog. Remember to balance the pics with the text tho. cheers!

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