Hall of Fame Should Refuse Defaced Bonds Ball


The Baseball Hall of Fame should refuse to accept a donation of the ball Barry Bonds hit for his record breaking 756th home run, and it has nothing to do with Barry.

The guy who bought the ball, Marc Ecko, wants to put an asterisk on the ball and donate it to the hall. What museum lets you deface something before giving it over as a contribution? What’s next? People who mark Wagner scores with swastikas. It doesn’t matter whether Bonds achieved the record fairly or not, you don’t encourage people to deface something like that. Back when Hank Aaron broke Babe Ruth’s record of 714 home runs, there were many racists who were upset that an African American would hold sport’s greatest record. Imagine if one of those clowns had caught the ball and decided to dye it sepia before sending it to the hall. It sets an absurd precedent and the Hall should put its foot down now before it starts all kinds of editorial comments adorning precious artifacts.

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