Haysbert in ‘08


Actor/Politician Fred Thompson has entered the Presidential race. I believe he is second in the polls among Republicans because apparently people thought he came across very intelligently on Law and Order. If he had played a crook instead of a lawyer then I’m sure he’d be much lower. I fully support Republican candidates to use lots of footage of Thompson when he placed a Neo-Nazi con man on Wiseguy, because really it is just as valid as the roles where he was noble.

Not that I am denying that being able to say what is written for you with dignity isn’t an important requirement for President of the United States. Sometimes I fear that it is really the only qualification you require and George W. Bush isn’t even good at that.

So why settle for a two bit actor like Thompson? I’m backing Dennis Haysbert, who as David Palmer on 24 managed to be our country’s greatest President despite the fact that terrorists were constantly blowing crap up all over the damn place. Palmer was brave, eloquent, honest, decisive, and qualified. Plus he ruled as Pedro Cerrano in Major League.

I’m pissed now, Joboo. Look, I go to you. I stick up for you. You no help me now, I say, fuck you, Joboo. I do it myself.

That’s a man I want dealing with Osama Bin Laden!

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