How I continue to keep tabs on so many quality movies

I was listening to a great old Howard Stern interview with Johnny Depp the other day. He had just done the movie From Hell, which I realized that I probably needed to see. I watched about 20 minutes and while Jack the Ripper was cutting out some “whore’s cunny” I realized that I’d much rather be watching the 21 Jump Street episode where Booker clears Hanson’s name and gets him out of prison. Johnny Depp hated making 21 Jump Street, but I’m sorry I love that show. I even met Steven Williams one morning at Cantor’s in Los Angeles.

This episode entitled “Draw the Line” was the conclusion of the “Loc’d Out” series where Johnny Depp’s Hanson somehow infiltrates the city’s gangs by taking on the persona of a Hispanic hood. Gripping stuff. Actually, Depp somehow does it convincingly. Am I the only one that wants to chain Johnny down and make him actually watch all the great episodes he made, but refused to check out? “We’re going to sit here Mr. Depp until you realize what an epic show this was!”

Hanson winds up getting framed for murder. Booker proves his innocence, but breaks so many rules that they had to give him his own show. I was a big buyer of Richard Grieco – and I still say that I’m not wrong. It also features a cameo by the guy who played Mike Damone in Fast Times (another guy I once thought would have had a bigger career).

I’m not sure if I’m going to finish watching From Hell.

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