I Guess That’s How They Do It in Texas



Back when I was in high school, couples would occasionally make out sometimes quite passionately – (well, not me), but apparently things have gotten considerably racier since Bill Clinton made it open season on oral sex.

Two kids at a Houston “middle” school last week decided to take advantage of their teacher stepping out of class for a moment to go all out X rated. I know that kids are quick at that age, but for just how long did that teacher routinely step out of class. Even I’m a little shocked. I knew a guy who urinated in his desk once and we all thought that he was completely out of control.

Then again, I just searched Google images for “teen sex,” and it’s not a pretty sight. Maybe Jerry Falwell was right.

Then again who raised those two – Pamela Anderson and Tommy Lee? Teens should lose their virginity at drunken Friday night beer bashes, not in Biology class.

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