I saw Sean Lennon once

I’ve seen and talked to some celebrities. Mitch Hedberg was both the nicest and most genuine. I shook my hero Ray Davies’ hand, but the most in awe I ever was at seeing one was Sean Lennon. I was at the 3rd Street Promenade in Santa Monica and I was waiting to see a movie. They weren’t letting people in yet, but they let me use their bathroom, and when I came out I saw this guy looking up at the marquee. I could only see the bottom of his face – mostly his nose and I immediately said to myself “Jesus, that guy looks exactly like John Lennon.” Standing next to him was his older girlfriend from Cibo Matto – so I soon realized that there was a really good reason for the resemblance. I didn’t bother him – for some reason I was completely shaken by the sight.

I think his music is actually fantastic, and the fact that he doesn’t feel the need to be a superstar seems healthy and a measure of integrity.

The women he’s been with also get an A+ for me. Bijou Phillips seems a little ok a lot nuts, but hey that must have been really fun for a while.

I know he’s made some comments suggesting his belief that his father’s death was a conspiracy, but hell, if I were him I’d think so too. After all, John Lennon is on tape essentially saying, “We told all our friends that if something happened to us that it wasn’t an accident.”

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  1. I was just playing this clip when my new co-worker said, “Oh my God! I just worked with him!” She helped design all his artwork on that CD at her last job. Small world, eh?

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