I still love Paris Hilton’s BFF

I so want to be on that show. They have all types except the over 40 heterosexual in a creepy way demographic. Brad you sucked on the stripper pole – you’re up for discussion.

I love how even though it’s a Best Friend Forever contest that there was no doubt in my mind ever that there would be a second season.

Whoever is in charge of this show knew their quality entertainment. They could have had last year’s winner on the show, but it’s infinitely more fun to have Onch and dis last year’s winner as a treacherous, people using, wannabe.

I honestly believe that Paris Hilton is starting a movement that will be every bit as big as Ayn’s Rand’s has become and a hell of a lot more fun.

Paris has a new innovation where she is actually one of the contestants so she can spy on what happens up close. She is pretending to be an angry girl from NY and I have to admit that her acting is very reminiscent of Robert DeNiro is Mean Streets! I’m guessing that this will lead to future work for Paris with Martin Scorcese. All the girls who are too stupid to figure out that Paris has switched place with a girl, who looks nothing like her – not so much.

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