I tracked down the wonderful Steven Banks


I finally got an email address for Steven Banks so I could tell him how much I loved his Showtime special Home Entertainment Center

He responded right away.

Thank you very much for your kind email.
Yes, I would love for SHOWTIME to release the show on DVD – I have quite a bit of cool extra footage, video of the first time I did the show, its long evolution, etc.
There’s interest in doing the show in New York, so who knows …. ? Maybe Showtime will wise up.
Thanks again,

2 Responses to “I tracked down the wonderful Steven Banks”

  1. banks banks banks! banks banks banks!

    he rules.

  2. Thank you!!!!! I just love this guy and I hope Showtime steps up to the plate on his material. He is priceless!!
    BTW… How did you get his email address?? Can anyone email him??

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