I’m 46% more likely to die and other good news


Yep, I woke up and found out that I was 46% more likely to die due to my sleep apnea this morning. It’s pretty hard to achieve much with your day after you awake to that.

That mask contraption above is a CPAP machine, which is really the only thing doctors have for you if you so similarly suffer. Isn’t that sexy – doesn’t that image make you want to cuddle up next to him and snuggle?

I have insanely bad insomnia – so there’s basically no way in hell that I could ever fall asleep with that thing on without anaesthesia or the equivalent.

I had a doctor in Chicago. She called me non-compliant over and over again, because I wasn’t using the machine. It really annoyed me. I’ve tried to fall asleep with that thing on for hundreds of hours. It’s not my fault that I don’t fall asleep. The rare times that I actually fell asleep with the CPAP on, I’d awaken to find out that I’d ripped the mask off in my sleep.

Non-compliant judges your motives. I know non-compliant. You wouldn’t like me when I’m actually non-complaint!

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