I’m obsolete


I’m so obsolete I’m posting this lame ass cartoon about it.

People have been sending me these long texts these days, and all I can do to respond is send a Y or a N.

I was under the assumption that all these people just had way better cell phones than I did. I thought they all had real keyboards or a Blackberry where they could at least type in the letters with a single push of a button.

On my phone I have to hit the 2 button three times just to spell the first letter of cocksucker, and if I make it to the E near the end then I almost always accidentally hit the red cancel button because it’s too close to theĀ 3 and my fingers aren’t small enough to just hit the three button three times.

Tonight I found out that I’m just old and fucking lame. I watched this dude text a ten word message with the same kind of phone as I had in about three seconds without even looking at the keypad.

Hope I die before I get old indeed.

Anyone want to buy any of my old vinyl? Fuck!

2 Responses to “I’m obsolete”

  1. quit trying to out text high-school kids.

    so, was it your closet lover, your bookie or your weed-dealer yesterday? LOL

    Happy America’s birthday to you…Jesse Helms is dead.

    BTW, speaking of America…I wanna see a blog about Jesse Helms in the 80’s…and a link to Todd Rundgren’s “Jesse” on You Tube.

  2. omg gr8 post!


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