Isiah Thomas – How does he do it?


Clippers interested in Isiah

“NBA Hall of Famer and current men’s basketball coach at Florida International University Isiah Thomas has emerged as one of the candidates to run the Los Angeles Clippers.

According to a source close to the situation, the Clippers have reached out to Thomas — who coached the Indiana Pacers and also the New York Knicks — to take over coaching, general manager and president duties.”

How does this guy keep getting jobs? How does anything in America even get done if this guy can keep getting hired?

I can’t get a job doing anything, but this guy thrives. I would work for a fraction of his price and I would do a better job than him just by not ever showing up for work.

I’ve always hated Human Resource people as a general concept, but how bad do you have to be at hiring someone if Zeke is your next hire.

This guy doesn’t just fail. He fails spectacularly. Given a choice between Isiah and the payload of the Enola Gay – wait what’s the difference?

Can you imagine a HR person going to the head of a company looking to hire a new executive

“We’re really excited about the person we’ve chosen to run the firm. He was a successful NBA athlete that was so unliked that they conspired to keep him off of the Dream Team! Once his athletic career ended he purchased a sports league, which he was able to bankrupt almost immediately. He then moved on to coaching and running NBA teams. He failed in Toronto, then Indiana, and then New York. He not only failed in New York -he crippled the team for years after they got rid of him. He was so good at running the franchise that he earned them a huge legal settlement that they had to pay out to a woman who was sexually harassed on his watch.”

What is it? How the fuck does he do it? Do his eyes immediately hypnotize people the second they are focused on you?

What do executives ask him during his interviews?

“What do you intend to do here Isiah?”

Well, I’m going to make your team plummet in the standings. I’ll also financially screw up your team so much that you won’t be able to be competitive for the next decade no matter what you do. Then I plan on raping your daughter.”

“That’s great is 5 million a year ok with you?”

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