Jimi Hendrix went into “Alpha Jerk”


I just saw a friend of Jimi Hendrix’ explain why he died, and the only thing I understand from it is that there were good drugs in the ’60s.

There’s two sockets where you can go into. One socket is death and one socket is the socket to live, you know. This is how I always felt. I think they call that a alpha jerk. You can get an alpha jerk.This is when you’ve felt as though.”Oh, wow, I’m goin’ into the wrong hole here. And you really feel funny. You feel like that possibly is the hole to die. And the other side is the side to sleep and get  into your subconscious and sleep, which is what we normally go into I believe that Jimi possibly could’ve went into, got into his alpha-jerk feel and it kind of felt groovy to him because he was high, slightly high, and he said: “Damn, you know, I’m Jimi Hendrix. I wonder if I can die?” You know? And the alpha jerk came on him and he said:”Fuck it, let me try the alpha.”And slipped on out. You know?

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  1. this is amazing. where did you here this and was it recorded?

  2. It was taken from a documentary about Hendrix.
    It was explained by an old friend of his from Seattle in the film and Im trying to find the title of it so that I may download it .
    It was on PBS many years ago and I only saw it once..

  3. its from a documentary called “a film about hendrix”…

    if your into your jimi… its one worth watching… very well put together… very touching…

  4. The title is called “A film about Hendrix” it was released on Warner Brothers. Great piece of work.

  5. Here is the clip, from the documentary, from which it was taken : (it starts at 3:32)


  6. The whole documentary is on Youtube: (There are 13 parts)

    Here is the start:


  7. i just watched that bit of the doc and it really freaked me out because i get that feeling he describes all the time and i’ve been looking on the internet to see what was happening to me but i can’t find anything. you see sometimes, usually when i’m falling asleep, i get a sudden feeling like my brain is switching off (that’s the best way i can describe it) and i have to pull myself out of it and become more awake. i had thought it might just be me noticing myself in the act of falling asleep, as it were. it sort of feels like my head going into a hole, as he describes, or into a vortex or something. anyone know what i’m talking about or experienced anything like it?

  8. It’s actually a hypnic jerk, nothing unusual there. This guy isn’t exactly a scientist.

  9. Yes, I have felt something similar. It happened to me once or twice,it is a horrible feeling. You know when you are trying to fall asleep you just lay there for awhile. As I tried to fall asleep I really would feel the sleepiness, but different from other times I really felt like this guy explains Jimmy Hendrix’s death, because I felt the sleepiness was much deeper then other times. I felt like if I slept I wouldn’t wake up again and I’m sure of that. It hasn’t happened to me again and I hope it won’t. I guess it’s the opposite of a panic attack, only that in the latter you are awake and it’s worse. That’s my experience.

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