Joe Horn has a shotgun


“They got a bag of loot!”

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My life was destroyed by a gun control argument so I’m on treacherous ground here, but …

A Texas man named Joe Horn shot two black men with a shotgun. The “victims” were black, in the Country illegally, and robbing the house of Horn’s next door neighbor. Luckily for our thousands of news outlets, this debacle touches enough hot spots to get any right winger hard as a rock – blacks, illegals, crime, guns! That sound you hear is Bill O’Reilly desperately clearing his schedule so he can present Joe Horn week for your enjoyment and edification.

I’ve been robbed and it’s less than pleasant, but it certainly isn’t a capital offense. Nevertheless, ignore my left leaning ways for a second. Horn apparently had the right to do what he did according to the laws in the backwater place that he lives, so I won’t waste any time decrying how unsafe I’d feel having Horn protect my home.

But, I just had to sit through a Fox broadcast where one of these cute blonde Ann Coulter wannabes actually tried to claim that this dude used “restraint,” which is a claim about as reasonable as saying that Hitler was tolerant of other people’s religious freedoms (fine that’s an exagerration).

Listen to the above 911 tape. Horn was dying to run out there and kill those dudes. “I have a shotgun do you want me to stop them?” he says eagerly right from the top. The 911 operator, who oddly sounds just like comedian Ron Shock, calmly tells him about 757 times not to leave his house and not to intercede, but Joe Horn is clearly a guy who has been dreaming about the day he would be lucky enough to have the chance to run outside and gun down some (insert your favorite slur here).

I’m not positive, but it sure sounds like they are running away as he unloads on them. It may have been a legal kill, but if this guy used “restraint” you may as well change the term date rape to agressive courting.

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