John McCain very funny – not very smart

John McCain was really funny on Saturday Night Live last night. He can deliver a line and held his own with Tina Fey.

But, dude, no offense. You’re not at the point in your campaign where you need to show your lighter side. Like Sarah Palin before him (although not as embarrassingly) McCain showed up and let Lorne Michael’s crew just completely eviscerate how badly things are going for him.

If this had been Reagan, Phil Hartman would have spent 40 minutes kissing his ass.

I can’t see how this helps even if the appearance was seen by every single American alive. Tina Fey’s impression of Palin is not must see television because Sarah Palin is such a “she’s making people excited about politics” phenomenon. It’s must see television because if reality television has taught us anything, it’s that America loves itself a train wreck.

Is there an American alive, who hasn’t uttered “John McCain’s such a great guy, shame about his campaign”?

By the way, three months ago an Obama loss wouldn’t have been a big deal, but now after the entire world has declared him a landslide victor? If he somehow loses, all of Los Angeles might burn down.

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