Jon Brion: I come from Jersey


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Jon Brion when faced with a Bruce Springsteen request on New Year’s Eve 2007 improvised this Bruce parody after noting that he too was from Jersey, but never found much about it to sing or write about. It’s not Tweeter and the Monkey Man, but he made it up on the spot.

I think if you listen closely you can hear some drunks threatening to kill each other.

Well I came from the burbs of Jersey one day when I was ten
I moved down to California
and I haven’t been back since then
I met a pretty girl under the boardwalk and we made love
I thought that was all this world was made of
We’re gonna hit the highway like we never hit the highway before
And I swear that Jenny, I couldn’t have a worry anymore
It was knowing you’re the one with fire in your heart

I knew it from the start
So come on, come on, come on
Baby wanna drink it up
I came all the way from Jersey
You’re the only girl that I’m dreaming of
Nothing that you ever do could drive me away
That’s all I got,
That’s all I’m gonna say


[“Sensitive piano breakdown, really high”]

Now I know what you wonder, you wonder what I’m all about
And I’m gonna tell you Jane, everything that I’m about
You know it’s slap happy Pete
He went down to the convenience store
He’s only living for a six pack, he don’t live for nothing more
Well get in to my car it’s a Dodge and it’s got heat
We’ll make love in the front and in the back seat
And there ain’t noone in this world who’s ever gonna hold us back
And you know, baby it’s like a street fight heart attack

I come from Jersey,
I come from Jersey,
I come form Jersey,
I come from Jersey,
And let me tell you,
Let me tell you without a doubt
It’s not that much to sing about


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