Jumping on the David Foster Wallace bandwagon


As a point of honesty, I had never read a single word written by David Foster Wallace before he killed himself, I just have a thing for talented, successful people with issues. Especially, given that I’m definitely not successful, probably not that talented (if I could sleep one night out of three and had any interest in editing anything that popped into my head? – who knows?), and definitely have issues.

The next 1,000 page novel I read will likely be my first – and I’m a reader. Frankly, when a book that is 1,000 pages long is as universally praised as Infinite Jest was, my first thought is what percentage of the people praising actually read the whole thing.

I would, however, like to think that given some success, some cash, and some praise that I’d be happy resting on my laurels, so when I see someone who can’t it makes me even sadder.

On the bright side – Brian Wilson seems to be reborn and who the fuck ever thought that was possible!


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